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19 Jul 2019

Federal Lyons MP Brian Mitchell congratulates Launceston Airport for its record increase in passenger numbers but says the success comes at the expense of ratepayers in the Northern Midlands.

“Launceston Airport is raking in the cash for its interstate shareholders but for more than 5 years it’s refused to cough up its fair share to the Northern Midlands community,” Mr Mitchell said.

“This highly profitable business clearly thinks it has the right to live by different rules than all the other businesses that contribute to the council.

“Every other business gets its land valued by the Tasmanian valuer-general and pays rates according to that valuation. But when Launceston Airport’s valuation went up following a massive facelift, it chucked a wobbly and refused to pay up, and continues to refuse to pay up.

“This dispute has now dragged on for more than 5 years and while the Launceston Airport rakes in the cash, the local council has to beg for its money.

“It is long past time the federal government stepped in and told Launceston Airport to pay its fair share.

“Launceston Airport paying its fair share to the Northern Midlands will make next to no difference to its bottom line but will make a big difference to the Northern Midlands community.”

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