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19 Jul 2019

The State and Federal Liberal Governments’ infrastructure failures have again been highlighted with Infrastructure Australia (IA) criticising the business case for the Bridgewater Bridge. 


This is a deeply embarrassing snub for the State and Federal Liberal Governments and is likely to further delay the most significant road project currently under development in Tasmania.


It is incredibly concerning that the future of this critical infrastructure project is being jeopardised by the Liberals’ incompetence.


It just goes to show you can’t trust the Liberals to deliver the infrastructure Tasmania needs for the future.


Senate Estimates last year confirmed the Hodgman Government missed its own deadline to submit the now rejected business case for the Bridgewater Bridge to IA.


There are serious questions the State and Federal Liberal Government need to answer about why the business case was delayed and whether this impacted on IA’s assessment.


It is remarkable that despite six years in Government at both the state and Federal levels, all the splashy announcements and photo opportunities, the Liberals couldn’t even get the business case right for the Bridgewater Bridge.


This failure will inevitably mean the start of construction on this vital infrastructure project is pushed back even further.  The question today is when will the Bridge start and finish?  How many more years will Tasmanian’s wait.


As the cost of congestion continues to grow, these delays will mean frustrated motorists sit stuck in traffic for longer and longer.


Southern Tasmania continues to miss out as the State and Federal Liberal Government fail motorists. All Tasmanians should be worried about the bungled process for the Bridgewater Bridge’s construction.


If the Liberals can’t get this process right, how can they be trusted to deliver on the promises they have made to upgrade infrastructure?

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