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23 Nov 2017


Community consultation by Airservices Australia has been nothing short of a farce.

Today Airservices Australia announced its preferred route into Hobart Airport.

It is exactly the same route presented to the Dunalley community at an information session on 11 November, and incorporates none of the suggestions presented by the nearly 100 residents who took the time to attend.

This announcement proves residents’ fears that the information session was nothing more than tick-a-box consultation – a sham process to enable Airservices Australia to claim it has consulted.

It defies belief that with the vast tracts of unoccupied land and water on the southern approaches to Hobart Airport that a more suitable path affecting fewer residents could not have been found.

This route may be convenient for Airservices Australia but it will have devastating impacts on residents and tourism businesses on the peninsula.

I have informed Airservices Australia of my deep disappointment with its handling of this issue, and will continue to work with the community to press for an outcome that meets the needs of both a growing airport and the local community.

The ball is now clearly in the court of federal transport minister Darren Chester, who can either stand up for regional communities or continue to sit on his hands. 

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