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03 Oct 2017



A report released today by the Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network has delivered a damning verdict on the Turnbull Government’s NBN.

The report identified a crisis of confidence occurring in the NBN due to systemic faults, failed connections, and reliability and chronic speed issues.

Despite billions being spent many customers feel their service has gone backwards under the Turnbull Government with regional areas being particularly impacted.

“In my electorate of Lyons we are still hearing of blame shifting between telcos and NBN Co which is impacting on install times and even whether regional customers will be able to access NBN at all. This is totally unacceptable.

“The three hearings the committee held in Tasmania revealed general disappointment in the NBN rollout, and extensive complications from home and business users.

“Just yesterday we saw Hobart called a gigabit city, in the area that the NBN rolled out under Labor’s plan. It’s time the rest of Tasmania had the opportunity to access the  same quality of service.” Brian Mitchell MP said.

Sadly, the Turnbull Government has been too worried about covering up for its bad technology choice – switching from fibre to copper-based NBN – to focus on the needs of consumers.

Labor’s fibre-optic NBN would have been the single greatest enabler of productivity, jobs and growth for cities but under the Liberal Nationals, the transition to the NBN has been a clumsy, disruptive and costly process.

The Committee identified 23 recommendations to help improve customer service, technology choices and transparency including:

  • The Government direct and enable nbn to complete as much as possible of the remaining fixed line network using FTTC at a minimum (or FTTP), and require nbn to produce a costed plan and timetable under which that would be achieved.
  • The urgent need for new consumer and supplier rights which provide protections, wholesale service-levels and remedies for service failures
  • The introduction of a new business grade product specifically geared towards small business
  • An overhaul of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman to give it more power and ability to resolve consumer disputes
  • The Government should ensure that digital inclusion is measured and reported

The Government must address the ongoing failures in the NBN.

Australia can’t afford to keep spending billions on an NBN that is not delivering.


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