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07 Aug 2017

The 2017 Stroke in Australia – No postcode untouched report has just been released.

Every nine minutes someone in Australia will suffer a stroke.


“The time to take action is now to prevent these numbers increasing.” Brian Mitchell MP said.


“Tasmania has some of the highest per capita stroke incidence, and we are impacted by the data that shows regional Australian’s are 19% more likely to suffer a stroke than those in metropolitan areas.


“This is not good news.


“People need to be aware that time is of the essence when dealing with suspicions someone has had a stroke.


“The quicker you notice the signs and get medical attention the better. While this might be trickier in remote communities, putting a plan in place now might make all the difference in long term recovery from the effects of a stroke.


“Lyons also rated close to the top of the electorates that live with high cholesterol, which contributes to blood vessel desiese with can lead to strokes.


“Prevention is way better than recovery. Get to your GP and get your health screened now. Then put a health plan in place to help you live longer and happier.”

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