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07 Aug 2017

The Liberals have taken 318 federal service jobs out of Tasmania since 2013, new figures show.

Brian Mitchell MP the federal Labor Member for Lyons says the cuts demonstrate that Liberal Senator Jonathan Duniam says one thing but does another.

"In Canberra Senator Duniam votes to take federal service jobs out of Tasmania but when he comes home he says he'll try to get more jobs here. He says one thing but does another.

"The fact is it will take years, if not decades, to get the number of federal service jobs back to where they were before the Liberal cuts.

"Jonathan Duniam should stop saying he's trying to get jobs here when he's actually voting to cut them."

Mr Mitchell said the federal public service was often used as a whipping boy but "public service jobs are usually well paid and secure jobs that provide an economic anchor to regional communities, as well as deliver essential services.

"Communities that have lost federal public service jobs know that when the jobs go, so do the services. And this is what has happened with the loss of 318 jobs under the Liberals."

The cuts would have been much deeper if it had not been for a growth in jobs related to the start of Labor's NDIS program.

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