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02 Jun 2017

Last night, Scott Morrison left Lyons off the map.

The Treasurer did not mention Tasmania once in his Budget speech and when you look at the Budget papers you can see why. The only mention of Tasmania, let alone Lyons, is previously announced projects.

In a budget that claims to offer $70 billion for infrastructure, including a new airport for western Sydney and a rail connection between Melbourne and Brisbane, Tasmania is left out in the cold.

This Budget hurts ordinary families but makes life even more comfortable for those at the top. Millionaires get a $16,000 tax cut while pensioners get a pension cut and families get a tax hike. Corporations get a $25 billion handout while schools get a $22 billion cut and families with teenagers have to struggle to afford higher uni fees.

A Budget that makes it easier for CEOs to buy corporate jets but harder for families to afford uni for their kids is a Budget that has the wrong priorities for Australia.

This Budget widens the fairness gap and it fails people looking for work, estimating there will be 100,000 fewer jobs than when last year’s ‘Jobs and Growth’ Budget was announced.

This Budget fails the health test – the Government will not lift the Medicare rebate freeze for another three years, meaning higher fees to go to the doctor, and it locks in unpopular changes to regional health programs that have hurt communities across the electorate of Lyons.

Tasmania sends four Liberal senators to Canberra and voters have the right to ask how they can stand by this Budget, which offers nothing for Tasmania and which will unfairly raise the cost of living for many Tasmanian families.


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